Our Story

How it all started...

Rev. Joseph Hayes organized the first Methodist society of Orrville, known as the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1852. Membership started with 13 families and it was commonly called the M.E. Church. Services were first held in a log school house located at what is today 248 E. Church St.

The first church building in Orrville was built by the United Brethren in 1854 on the corner of Church St. and Mill St. It was known as Union Church and was used by the Methodists, Presbyterians, and United Brethren from 1854-69.

From the beginning, the Orrville Methodists wanted a church building of their own. Eliza Anderson and her mother started the first building fund by contributing $50 earned by raising flax, spinning it and selling the finished product.

By 1866, Methodists had raised enough money to allow them to build a new church. In August 1866, masons began work on the foundation of a new brick church, located at the rear of what was to become the stone church on N. Main St. The building was dedicated on February 7, 1869.

The building served the congregation until 1905 when growing membership required expansion. A new stone building was erected near the site of the original building.

In 1959, the congregation voted to build a new building on a new site because of overcrowded conditions. The church was built on more than seven acres of land donated by Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Smucker. The first worship service in the new church at 1556 Rex Drive was held on June 7, 1964. Services are still held in this building today.

*Information taken from UMC Communications and "From Whence We Came" History of Trinity United Methodist Church, 1977.

sharing the vision...

Trinity has designed each of its worship services to suit several different styles  of worship. We incorporate different types of worship for the people who may want an informal style worship or more contemporary singing. (Covid-19 Update: When the weather is warm and nice we have an outdoor service with room for physical distancing and people are asked to wear masks. Now that winter is here will will be continuing our digital engagement with our online services.) The 7:45 am worship service in our chapel is an informal environment that feels like a small group and invites questions and conversation throughout the service. The 9:00 am traditional style worship service boasts a well rehearsed choir with all the traditional worship elements that have been around for almost 300 years. The 11:15 am Kindling worship service is made for people who like the music being played on today's Christian radio with aesthetics around the room to fit the theme of the sermon series. This service also includes a dedicated kids moment and related activity in a connected room where kids can still be a part of the service.

Where we are headed...

Trinity is always looking for more ways to connect you to God, the most important thing to us is that you have a real relationship with Jesus that you may also share with someone else. TUMC wants to provide a place to foster spiritual birth if God is new to you, growth while you form a strong foundation, or renewal if your path has strayed away but you want to be part of the way, the truth and the life. We want to meet you where you are and join you on the journey called life to be there as much as you want or need. Our goal is rooted in helping you grow to be like Christ. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 7:45 am 9:00 am and 11:15 am.